Clinton New Yorks Pottery History 1808-Today

In 1808 - West of The Hudson

John Gregory, a Connecticut potter, established the first pottery west of the Hudson River Valley in the Village of Clinton (New York), marking a pivotal moment in American ceramics history. His pottery, situated between Marvin and Williams Street, provided durable earthenware vessels to the community for over two decades.

1831 - Stoneware Production

Gregory, along with Benjamin Lent & Dwight Graves, transitioned to stoneware production through collaboration. Their limited wood-fired pieces, adorned in classic blue and white style, bear the stamp of Clinton Pottery and are now prized collector's items. Examples of slip-decorated pottery attributed to Gregory, including a significant earthenware platter, can be found in the Clinton Historical Society's collection, considered the earliest known slipware made in New York.

1955 - England

Born in England in 1955, Jonathan Woodward (current owner of Clinton Pottery) honed his craft through a formal apprenticeship with Richard Ullman, a ceramicist with deep ties to the craft's history. Jonathan's sister actually answered an Ad in a newspaper on his behalf and from there Jonathans life of pottery began. After training with Ullman for nearly four years, Jonathan moved to America in 1977, eventually settling in the Mohawk Valley.

1989 - Clinton Pottery on Utica St.

Before establishing Clinton Pottery on Utica Street (Clinton, NY) in 1989 Jonathan has operated from various locations in Clinton, including College Street and Norton Ave. Today, Jonathan, his family and team carry on the tradition, producing functional stoneware that blends tradition with modern convenience.

2024 - Currently

Over the years, as the shop expanded, so did Jonathan's family. His daughter, Alice, plays a vital role in the operations of Clinton Pottery, making it a true family-run enterprise. It's a lifestyle that embodies the essence of family and togetherness.